Outdoor Environment

Outdoor learning has a positive impact on Children’s well being and development. Our outdoor environment has been created to offer children opportunities for physical activities, freedom and movement, which promotes a sense of confidence and well being. We have designed spaces which allow creativity, problem solving, imaginative play and social interaction.

The principle of environment as the third teacher applies just as readily outside as inside at Learning Spaces Nursery, placing value on aesthetics, organization, thoughtfulness, provocation, communication and interaction.

The care and attention we paid to organising our space outdoors stimulates children's imagination, creativity, exploration, discovery, engagement and sense of wonder, being it in the Niagara Falls Water Trough Play, colourful plantings and children's artwork, or our sensory garden with herbs in pots and vegetables that delights the senses, offer hands-on learning experiences and help children to form lasting connections to the natural world. Careful choice and display of materials invite children to investigate, explore, discover and experiment.

Magical play spaces that beckon children to come play can be defined using:
  • 3 Large Sandpits for social interaction and sensory play
  • Niagara Falls Water Trough Play
  • Tunnel and Large Grass Mound (Up, over and under physical play)
  • Timber Bridge (connections to movement and sound areas)
  • Selection of outdoor musical instruments, drums, cymbals, chimes
  • Sensory garden for planting, flowers, herbs and fruits and vegetables
  • Large Wooden Playhouse for role play and imaginative development
  • Large hide and slide play equipment
  • Balancing Stepping logs
  • Talking Tubes social interaction using technology
  • Majilis for story telling, social gatherings and role play
  • Natural grasses, garden areas and seating
The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky
- Margaret McMillan