Health and Safety

Education and development are important, but we know that nothing matters more than the safety, security and health of your child. That’s why protection and preparedness are critical considerations in everything we do at Learning Spaces Nursery.

From first aid training for emergency situations to sanitation and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for children is a central philosophy at Learning Spaces Nursery. Our nursery is designed with the safety and security of children in mind. Although scraped knees are a part of growing up, you can have confidence that your child is cared for in a secure, nurturing environment every day.

How We Ensure Health and Safety at Learning Spaces Nursery


  • Our high-quality playground equipment is safe, sturdy and tested monthly during risk assessment procedures to ensure it is secure and in good working order.
  • We have safe fall zones with soft landing areas if your child takes a tumble.


  • Our registered HAAD licensed Nurse will oversee all our Health and Safety Procedures from her clinic situated on the ground floor.
  • Our registered visiting Doctor will be available every term for health checks and consultations.
  • We assess every child’s health by talking with parents and monitoring for symptoms during the course of each child’s day with us.
  • We notify parents when a child does not feel well to help prevent an illness from spreading.


  • We have a certified cleaning company cleaning the nursery each day with safe, non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Cleaning supplies are locked safely out of reach of children.
  • Our staff is trained in health and hygiene routines.
  • We clean toys each evening.
  • We encourage children to wash their hands throughout the day by singing songs and teaching lessons about health and hygiene.
  • Diapering is conducted in our dedicated bathrooms following strict guidelines.


  • We have strict policies for administering medication to your child to ensure they are protected, our HAAD licensed Nurse oversees all these procedures.
  • Based on our health and safety policy, we require a doctor’s note for any medication, prescription or over the counter, given to a child to ensure safety.
  • Medications are stored securely out of the reach of children in the Nurse’s Clinic.
  • Our HAAD licensed nurse is available to check on the children daily.


  • Our nursery is secured so that only authorized staff and families may enter.
  • Safe, secure perimeters ensure that children can enjoy outdoor play safely.
  • We use safety gates, window guards (except fire escapes) and electrical outlets are placed above child level.
  • Our nursery include smoke detectors, sprinkler system and fire extinguishers.


  • We have dedicated, friendly practitioners who are trained in child development, early-childhood education or a related field.
  • We conduct criminal background checks to ensure trustworthy staff and passionate teachers provide the best care and education for your child.
  • Our staff and teachers are trained in first aid and CPR.


  • We have an emergency evacuation plan at the nursery.
  • We hold fire drills every six weeks.


  • All perishable food is refrigerated.


  • Only pre-approved people with identification may pick-up your child.


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